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Music Links

udutu | online learning simulations made easy

Find People. Make Music. Online – Indaba Music

Project Playlist | Myspace Playlist | Create, Share Music Playlists | Music Playlist || Facebook Playlist, Tagworld, Stickam, Hi5, Gaia, Friendster, Xanga, Myspace Music Player, Facebook Music Playlist, Myspace Music Playlists

Mixaloo import your playlist and mixx on line

Mixercast – Social Marketing Applications, Mashups and Widgets for Publishers and Advertisers. Create, Distribute and Manage Engaging Brand Experiences across Social Networks.

JayCut – Online video editing Movies but maybe usefull to jeremy

udutu | online learning simulations made easy Online course Creation, Tell mars and Jerm

PodcastPeople – Your online podcasting studio® – Welcome to something new – Create Music Beats – The online music factory – Jam, remix, chords, loops

Audiofarm – The Creative Commons audio community



Music Licensing | Music Community | Music Marketplace | License Music Online –

YouLicense is an online music licensing marketplace. YouLicense has developed a platform which enables artists and those seeking musical content to conduct business directly with one another in a safe and secure environment. Their unique search engine and standardized contracts allow for a quick and easy process.

Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations-Host Free Online Radio Stations –™ make and host a tv show or radio show

Your local music community: music, events, and people where you live; free music hosting and playlists | Project Opus

Pandora Radio – Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music ( i like)

Ripple9 Musician (promote your band or music, I really like but it got bought out by google, so stay tuned for registration)


One comment on “Music Links

  1. Jeremy Motts
    May 19, 2009

    Yay I’m on the interwebs!


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