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online tool linkd

I thought these links would be useful for Mars and people like me who just like to have tools ready and at disposal wherever they are.

Those are the links we looked at my house. The adobe online photoshop is simple enough for students to use.

File Hosting:

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting



Find Images that Contain a Certain Color

Clipmarks – bettyblaze’s clipmarks

LunaPic Online Photo Editor


Freelance Writing Jobs & Writing Opportunities – Suite101 |

OpenZine – Create an online magazine – Collaboration with friends

Springbase – Create online database applications

Timetoast Timelines | Create timelines, share them on the web.

storytlr | your life online create your starting page, synch your info

Free family tree – Genealogy – Welcome to the family – Kindo project planning etc

MyFamily: Create a Private Family Website –

MyHeritage – Free Family Tree – Genealogy – Family Photos

xtimeline – Explore and Create Free Timelines

Planetaki your own planet, DO CHECK OUT

mixxt – connecting cultures your own social network,, TO DO

Sclipo: the social learning revolution TO CHECK

clickbooq | Websites for Professional Photographers ONLINE PORTFOLIO CHECK OUT

MyCanvas for | Share Your Family Stories in Print TO DO

Social network, forum, chat and more – Yuku CHECK OUT

Viewbook – Online Portfolio Websites. Perfect Image Galleries. Portfolio CHECK OUT looks good

Story of My – Write and preserve your life stories forever

JayCut – Online video editing Make Movies Online

Triond – Publish Writing, Poetry, Music, Video & Content Online get your shit published

udutu | online learning simulations made easy (tell mars)

PodcastPeople – Your online podcasting studio® CHECK THIS OUT

YoYo Games | Home Create games

Karma Exchange – Do something good today – Welcome to the Karma Exchange CHECK IT OUT

Workspace – –CHECK OUT , basically your online office, workspace editor, storage collaborator , everything

Click2Map, the professional geoweb solution, make maps online using Google Maps (TO DO )

Atlas – Mapping for Online Publishers

Welcome to Create GIF Animations online | Upload pictures or get images from Flickr | Pimp myspace graphics

steekR : your secured online space (TO DO BACK YOUR MUSIC UP)

Features | (check it out multi media platform)

JukeFly (TO DO BACK YOUR MUSIC UP) play anywhwere

Audiofarm – The Creative Commons audio community

Radionomy your own web radio free

Multiply (one site to host everything CHECK OUT_

Framed Art | Poster Art | Wall Art | Photography Prints SELL YOUR ART


4 comments on “online tool linkd

  1. joechick
    September 27, 2009

    I love your list, thank you so much. I am always on the lookout for new sites that make my job/life easier : )


    • bettyblazetech
      September 29, 2009

      Thank you ! I have internet adhd I surf at hyperspeeds! My friends pegged me as the go to person to ask what apps, software, tools and stuff are expedient to their cause. People can spend allot of time searching for what they actually need and still not find it (lol). Since I have internet adhd I surf at hyperspeeds (and not to mention a crapload of experience researching the most random things) I figure that posting the useful links up can cut someone’s time who’s looking for the same things. I am SO GLAD other people besides my friends can find use in these links.

      If there’s a certain group of things you are looking into or a certain cause or tool you are searching let me know. I have lots of link books that I have been compiling and have not yet posted.


  2. Mars
    September 30, 2009

    Woot! Thanks homie!


  3. Mars
    October 26, 2009

    This list is extensive. Thank you!


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