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Men VS Women, gaming, and instant gratification..Video games activate reward regions of brain in men more than women, Stanford study finds – Office of Communications & Public Affairs – Stanford University School of Medicine

I found an interesting study online that looked at females and male brain activity via MR I while playing video games. In my results are not too shocking. Look at games that appeal to a wider audience like…world of warcraft. A game which, I did play and was good killing Alliance (Lt. GENERAL BELLACHAOS UNDEAD MAKE FTW) In Wow you could spend most of your time like I did (vanilla wow) pvp+ING or you could do dungeons or raids which depend on allot of different people, or you could quest and or gather /level professions.
I will say that the ratio of women willing to do the time consuming leveling and traveling the world for herbs whilst not complaining compared to males well..
I was told that’s why thier is an American for chicks to spend time leveling professions and impatient guys willing to buy or take thier girls gold to buy.

Women are more patient and can see the bigger picture and what it takes to get it. Many men want a form of instant gratification. To stroke the Delicate yet, ever important PVPNESS OR EPEEN.

Although I cannot claim to be one of these patient woman leveling there professions while taking time away from the battlefield. I would much rather be involved first hand in the Bloodshed… OR WAR FOR TERRITORY

Video games activate reward regions of brain in men more than women, Stanford study finds – Office of Communications & Public Affairs – Stanford University School of Medicine.


“During this study, 22 young adults (11 men and 11 women) played numerous 24-second intervals of the game while being hooked up to a functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, machine. fMRI is designed to produce a dynamic image showing which parts of the brain are working during a given activity.”

“After analyzing the imaging data for the entire group, the researchers found that the participants showed activation in the brain’s mesocorticolimbic center, the region typically associated with reward and addiction. Male brains, however, showed much greater activation, and the amount of activation was correlated with how much territory they gained. (This wasn’t the case with women.) Three structures within the reward circuit—the nucleus accumbens, amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex—were also shown to influence each other much more in men than in women. And the better connected this circuit was, the better males performed in the game.”


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