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Ode to mannon, a female French resistant fighter skin for M. O. H

I know this is probably a dead post, but I keep hearing the question.. Was there ever a female skin for fps like COD or BF.

Well here’s an answer I dug up from my Archives.

Hai,  my first video game I played competitively was Medal of honor allied assault. I used to get hella baked and on this All seeing eye thing and find my clan change my name from girlswguns to MungBean4life and I would always change! Skin to…..

MY MANNON, SHE WAS A GREENDALE FEMALE FRENCH RESISTANCE Fighter.  She wore a leather Jacket that would make Indiana Jones jealous and kill streaks that only master chief ever came close too. 
The absolute best part of it all was her taunts like “I seen French school girls shoot better”  or the infamous “Is that All you got”
Yep, she says the only straight up, FPS multiplayer online skin,  I mean there was tomb raider, resident Evils etc  but  MANON DIDN’T NEED A BACK STORY OR HER TATas hanging out.  She didn’t even need you to know her name.  Her wardrobe consisted of    a Thompson, Bar,  garand  and some frags.


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