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Xfire – a must have for pc gamers. VOIP, chat, browse the web & proof that you PWN, without leaving your game.

 What can you do withXFIRE

Xfires slogan is  Gaming Simplified. If you ask me it doesn’t do any justice for all the cool stuff you can do with it. For many of us FPS players (first person shooters),  Xfire is old news, and a staple for gamers  that aren’t anti social.  However, I in the last month many of my friends from other games either haven’t heard of it, or just don’t know how WTF awesome is it.


 You can text chat, send links and voice chat.  If your playing wow and your friend is playing BF you guys can still chat it up. You can call each other or set up a group voice channel.   It’s great because if you’re trying to set up matches or scrims or give pug members info about vent or servers you can easily find them and send a quick message or link.

Socialize and Join (or stalk, lol) your pals.

 With Xfire you can see what servers your buddies are in and follow them through xfire. You can also see what vent they are in follow them straight from xfire. 

Keep track of servers and game play.

Okay, for some hardcore gamers (or when you first get a new game) xfire can either be  a painful reminder of how many hours you put into a game (if you suck) or how many hours of pure pwnage you have bestowed upon your fellow gamers.

For those of us who only game to wreak havoc on other nerds and then rub it in your face, this is the perfect tool. If you got the Skills to pay your world of warcraft bills and pride yourself on making fools nerd rage, Xfire makes it that much sweeter. You can take screenshots (SS) in-game and it automatically uploads to the xfire server and your profile.  Remember back in MOHAA when you went 200 to 40 on snowy park with a shot-gun and not a soul believed you. Remember your first perfect match and you lost the screenshots!  That is no longer a problem..

 Video and Live Streaming.

You can also take in-game video and live stream your matches. If you have a sucky rig it might bring your FPS down, but then again, if your  FPS are that low, you probably don’t own that much (JK, lol). Also, you can stream live if you choose.  You should set your hotkey appropriately for this so you are not hitting them on accident when your drunk.  Yes, it did happen to me once. I unknowingly broadcast a bog session and  when I left the game I was in some room with 8 other people and was wondering wtf they were doing in there for so long.

All in all, Xfire has so much more to offer than these features. A few more cool things are worth mentioning: Community Support such as clans, and portals and calendars for events.  They offer gamers a personal blog and portal for everything gaming. Game updates, patches and file management also comes with their services. OH and yes, they also sell games, give away LOTS of beta keys and have special events with developers, industry experts and offer discussion panels. Oh and did I mention the FREE SWAG they give out.  Xfire offers all of this and more, and best of all it’s free.  One last thing, in my opinion there is no gaming service that offers this much with such ease of use and little toll on your PC or FPS for in-game use.

Add me to XFIRE 


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