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Technolog – Internet Explorer 9 safest Web browser? Is it as fast or functional as chrome or firefox?

Technolog – Internet Explorer 9 safest Web browser?.

I must admit I just updated and did some customizing of my browser and it has been kind of scary how fast is it.  I have putmy browsers to the test lately and IE for straight browsing and quickly adding lots of things to my wedding  registries has been as fast as chrome and sucking up less memory.  IE has the impressive  ability to not crash in the face of 20 tabs being opened (so far), and that is invaluable imo.

I also must admit that I am a BIG Mozilla fan. However, about a year ago after an update I had to stop using it because there was a bad, bad memory leak. This weekend I have given Firefox another chance, but there is a problem with it still running in the background (4 times in the last 2 days). It only stops because I end the process. Maybe its me, I guess I’ll have to fix things up and make sure I am not writing Firefox off to soon.

For now,  I love chrome and Internet explorer 9 . I just joined google plus and re-installed chrome and all my add ons. In some respects I think it runs super smooth but a lot of functions (and add ons)  are disabled. Google warned us, that plus is still in field testing and we might run into such problems. However, it is really nothing major and hasn’t really had an impact on my heavy internet researching.  All in all I feel that for regular run of the mill browsing IE is actually better. However, I’m so addicted to the chrome apps and add ons ><


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