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The Firefox Collection Collector the Newest Edition to my fire fox addon arsenal. A MUST HAVE for Making the Unmanagable Managable. I <3 Firefox.

It’s no secret that I ❤ Firefox. In fact, even though I have other browsers installed, just in case. I cannot imagine living with any other browser for my standard surfing and day-to-day life. If I’m using someone else’s computer that doesn’t have Firefox installed.. well, it’s just not good.  One of the things that appeal to me most (besides security) is the customization and add-ons that are available and constantly updated for Firefox. Trying to surf the web on someones else’s computer without my “mods” is like trying to play w.o.w. without mods, pretty unimaginable.

In case anyone there is anyone  wondering what a Mozilla add-on is, an addon is a small extension that lets you customize your web browsing, functionality, and integration with the sites and services you might use most often. There are theme add-ons that change the way your browser looks, dictionary or search bar addons which allow you to search from many customized engines with one click of the mouse and there are several addons that can do just about anything you want.  (If you are an add-ons virgin just click the following link

The addition of  the Mozilla Add-On Collections and Collector is pretty EPIC!

I figure that most Mozilla users already have the collector, but just in case I’ll rave about it anyways! Yes, these editions are just that awesome.  With these new additions Mozilla is doing for add-ons what Curse gaming did for World of warcraft  (and now other MMO’s). They just made it easier to manage, update, collect and organize your add-ons regardless of updates, reformats and new pc. I used to waste bookmark space trying to keep tabs of what add-ons I wanted to use next or what add-ons I was using and it was a pain in the ass. Whenever a new version came up or I started using another computer it was freaking painful to have to research and re-install each one of them.  Now you can make as many collections as you want and keep your collections on the Mozilla site so it’s cake the next time you reformat your computer. You can even browse other peoples pre made collections for whatever set of tasks match your browsing patterns.  The collector is a must have for anyone that does research, social networking or a lot of browsing.

The Collections home page

The add-on collector (highly recommended)

Here is a link to my must have addon list

Happy Browsing, LONG LIVE MOZILLA!


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