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Last Pass is a godsend! Brief review- UPDATED a closer look!

The last password solution. In my months of internet research and postings last pass has been a LIFE SAVER. From school research to job research and social media networking, the job of saving all your logins, passwords and sites can be tedious. Last pass has been my godsend. I have a few online “identities” one for school, one for work, etc and last pass lets me keep logins for all those identities in one place. When you come to a new webpage it asks you which identity.  It’s free, safe and I cannot tell you how much time I save not remembering logins, emails and passwords for every time I have to log onto something.
Last Pass Update 5/28/09 – So, I have used last pass for sometime and I wanted to put an update to software and apps.  Basically a follow-up review for when the “honeymoon” is over.  Well folks, it is still my favorite tech thing of the year (I have not said anything to that fact since the release of cod4)   There is rarely a site it does not work on.  The only noticeable site is adobe and that’s probably because the flash.. although it works on other pop ups, flash applets and jscript.  surprisingly, I haven’t had it crash anything or ever bug out. Believe me, I put it to the test. The more I use it, the more I grow to love it.  Below, I will give a closer look at some of my favorite features.
GROUPING – One reason I really, really love it is because I don’t have to make different profiles and keep signing on for different sub profiles.  For example, I sign up for a few sites where my username and email would be personal (and separate than say this tech blog) , this makes up my personal group.  While I also have a  “gamer tag” identity where I would sign up for sites, blogs, services under my gamer tag names and have the info go to my gamer email instead.  I can set groups on my logins or favorites so I remember or can search the vault by those groups.
AUTOLOGINS- As I mentioned above, I have different profiles for different purposes.  For example  say you  have 2 myspaces one for friends and one for family and young ones. When you go to a site that last pass has saved you can pick your login from the auto login button.  If you mouse over it will show  you both logins and you can choose.
Last Pass Vault- You can go to the vault and see all your sites or change info if you like. You can add sites, add notations, bookmarklets and edit groups.
There is one more feature that I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE.. the fill form feature.  Yes, I have grown to love it.  You can set a couple of pre-made fill forms for different purposes. Yes, google and other apps try to topple the “fill form” but not with control and customization like this. I have one fill for purchases where its my real name, full address etc. I have one fill for gaming that just have email, gender, and bday. You can make several pre-made  fill forms using not only the standard form questions but you can even ADD YOUR OWN…yes! Say you are signing up on all these gaming sites and you keep finding common questions that don’t appear on other forms. You can add that question to your gaming fill form. For example, If you keep finding a questions like AIM? , Xfire? you can just make that part of the form from now on and if Last pass sees that question it will fill it for you.
I won’t bore you with anymore Last Pass crap lol.  I want to be fair and mention they have back up, exports, multiple actual identities (say you and your spouse share a pc) usb back up and have premium features. Premium is less than a buck a month and you can add your blackberry and other phones and this yubi key support. I am not a premium member yet, so I can’t comment on those features. When I get a new phone that can support last pass, you bet I’m going premium. The Yubi key looks promising and might be a good reason to go premium. All in all, Last Pass is pretty much made of awesome, it PWNS  password managing, form filling, profile organizing tools out there.  Last Pass > every other I have tested in the last year.

2 comments on “Last Pass is a godsend! Brief review- UPDATED a closer look!

  1. carmen
    July 29, 2010

    Why can’t I get lastpassvault?is it you or me?ty


    • Betty Blaze Tech
      September 12, 2011

      once you sign up and install you can just click on last pass icon or you can manually go to site and click on vault


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