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FFC anounces april agendas, nationwide broadband

The FFC announces thier agenda for  April 8, 2009 Open Meeting.

Top of agenda is a National Broadband Plan. Pres. Obama has mentioned during his campaign that he wanted broadband and internet lines to every american househould in hopes to create 21st century jobs. As I have had full speed internet for years, I CANNOT IMAGINE not having it. I think its a good thing. I know it will cost allot of money to lay the groundwork and fiber optics down. However, I think everyone in america should have the oportunity for high speed internet. After all i is America. I know allot of people that I game with who still dont have broadband.  I wonder how it will affect the pricing in metropolitan areas as well. When I lived in SF there was talks that google was going to give all residents free WIFI, I was pretty excited about that. Last I heard, many residents were worried about the gathering of personal information. Worried that free wifi was going to come at a cost.

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